#AlbiDa2 قلبي_دق#


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Who didn’t dream of getting married with a handsome and very elegant lawyer ? But have you dreamed of getting married while wearing a white blanket with a husband who is wearing pyjama ?

The very successful architect Christine performed by Carine Rizcallah got married in a  weird way to the  handsome Samy (a.k.a Yorgo Chalhoub).


The catchy serie #AlbiDa2 will take you to the hectic, romantic and funny life of Christine and Samy.


When two different personalities and backgrounds are forced to get married it can be funny and so hilarious.

Yes you get it, it’s officially my favorite Lebanese series of this Ramadan 2015. I highly recommend it for people who wants to laugh and get a lesson about fashion and elegance from Carine Rizcallah (the writer and the main actor of #AlbiDa2 ).


You can watch the 2 last episodes of #AlbiDa2 by following this link => Albi Da2 episodes

Don’t forget to watch it tonight on LBCI and LDC at 8:30 PM (GMT+3, Beirut Time) and the replay is at 4:00pm, the next day.



Aiisha talking about her Ramadan routine


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I am very happy to share with you Aiisha’s Ramadan routine. Aisha is a very talented fashion designer and a very kind heart. you can find her collection on FacebookInstagram and Twitter Here’s a hint of her classy, elegant, breath taking …designs

  1. When we say Ramadan what is the first word that comes to your mind?


  1. For you Ramadan rhymes with the word laziness or with productivity?


  1. What do you do when you feel hungry?

I think of those who can’t find a sip of water or a bite to eat, not by choice, but because of their poor situation.

  1. What is the one thing that you only buy in Ramadan?

Qatayef sweets

  1. Does your grocery shopping list doubles in Ramadan?

I don’t cook so it’s irrevelant to me

  1. According to you what is the best meal/food to eat in Ramadan?

Lentil soup and salad

  1. Can you share a picture that represents your style/look during Ramadan?

I don’t have any on me, but t has to be modest with sleeves and below the knee

  1. Do you prefer to have Iftar at your house or do you like to eat outside?

I prefer home

  1. What are you looking for this month?

To appreciate the blessings we have been given and not take them for granted

  1. Do you have any personal goals during Ramadan ?

To raise awareness on fighting hunger through my campaign with Philips sound of Arabia

  1. What are you looking forward this Eid?

I’ll be working during all Eid days but I’ll try to spare every second possible to celebrate Eid with my daughter Asmae : Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions and I hope you will have a great Ramadan.

Aiisha : All the best with your blog


Arabs lives : Ramadan 1


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I wanted to create a new blog and talk about people’s lives, but I am too attached to this one.

I then decided to create a new category entitled “Arabs Lives”. *What a genius idea! WTF*

In this category I am going to share people’s stories. The first life story has to be about my dearest egyptian friend Karim.


So here is Karim answering some questions about the holy month Ramadan.

  1. When we say Ramadan what is the first word that comes to your mind?

Mmmm food. Arab families are famous for their over-exaggerated dining tables during Ramadan. My mother is an amazing cook and my father is a chef, so you can imagine how our dining table looks like, especially on the first day.

  1. For you Ramadan rhymes with the word laziness or with productivity?

Unfortunately laziness.

  1. What do you do when you feel hungry?

I try to distract myself after I get back from work, Either I take a nap – until the Maghreb prayers lol – or surf the internet to pass the time.

  1. What is the one thing that you only buy in Ramadan?

Nuts. And I don’t know why I don’t eat any nuts during the year, I just remember they do exist in Ramadan!

  1. Does your grocery shopping list doubles in Ramadan?

Usually yeah, and it depends on the dishes we are going to make and the guests we’re inviting.

  1. According to you what is the best meal/food to eat in Ramadan?

Look, as an Egyptian, I embrace our traditional food, but I’ve always had a thing for the Italian food as well. But what I think is important for my body after nearly 16 hours of fasting is a good bowl of fruit salad, honey and yogurt.

  1. Can you share a picture that represents your style/look during Ramadan?

It’s actually the same. Nothing new, but I can share with you a pre and after Iftar picture to see how I look when I’m very hungry and when I’m fully fed lol!

  1. Do you prefer to have Iftar at your house or do you like to eat outside?

Indoor. Indoor. Indoor. For me, Ramadan is all about family gathering around one table. It’s something that doesn’t happen too much during the year since we’re always busy.

  1. What are you looking for this month?

To be honest, this year I’m looking forward to avoid TV and focus on the religious side as much as I can.

  1. Do you have any personal goals during Ramadan?

Don’t make fun of me. I’m planning – and I know it will never happen – to drop down some pounds and get ready for summer time.

  1. What are you looking forward this Eid?

I will take my swimsuit and run to the beach.

  1. Are you going to spend it with your family?

No, it’s the friends time. *wink*

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions and I hope you will have a great Ramadan.

You are more than welcome, Asmae. It was very very sweet of you as I still remember when you collected and shared pictures our ” first day of Ramadan meals” on your blog. Wishing you and your family a wonderful month. XOXO

 Follow Karim on Twitter and  Instagram because he is the funniest person alive. 


How to be happy ?

We all want to be happy or at least to feel  happy. We all love positive people for spreading positive energy. There are plenty reasons to be happy about it can be : Money, child, work, colleague or coffee (yes coffee can bring happiness to many hearts).


I sat down and I wrote the reasons that make me Happy.

  1. Be magnanimous :

It’s to be kind toward others, to learn how to say thank you (especially at work).

At work we tend to forget to thank our colleagues or even our boss. It’s very important to say thank you to them…

It’s okay to spoil your colleagues and your boss by buying a gift. It’s also a way to say thank you for their help or just for being a good boss or a nice colleague.

It can be tricky if you buy to your colleague or boss …(hmm inappropriate gifts) But if you want to show your appreciation it’s a really nice gesture.

2. Have no expectation :

Expectation is the basic source of all disappointment. Wich leads us to be sad, and to be happy it’s better to avoid all kind of expectations.

The happiest people are the ones who have the lowest expectations of anything they experience.

Expectations is the root of all disappointment. Yes there are good reasons to have high expectations, so we drive ourselves harder to achieve more.

3. Give up complaining : 

Complaining is a french concept ! French people complain about the weather, the coffee, the water, the work…about anything and everything.

Yes, we have to give up on complaining most of our time, complaing about everything and making everything a source of sadness.

No situations can make you unhappy until you allow it, it’s not about the situation itself but about how you look at it.

4. Surround yourself with positive people : 

Positive people are always grateful for what they have, they refuse to see the negative sides and they are funny.

5. Forget about impressing others : 

Stop to be someone who you are not.

Life is too short to not be happy!


What makes me angry -T-shirts


If you know me, you absolutely know my love for t-shirts. especially those with a special message on them.

This collection is made by a very smart friend so to support him I am sharing his collection with you .


To buy the t-shirt click on 

It’s available in different colors and you have to buy them as quickly as you can, since only 5 t-shirts are still available.


Have a great shopping experience 😉

Buy one Give one


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With every sunglass you purchase, Warby Parker  will help a person in need

Thanks to Warby Parker and it clients one million people in need can wear a pair of eyeglasses.

The full story HERE : Buy a pair Give a pair

We all love fashion and we all love try to help the people in need but combining the two in one is a way much funnier.

You know I am the kind of persons who wear eyeglasses but really hate them. I always thought that eyeglasses are meant to be worn only at home where nobody can see.  But, the limited edition collection of Warby Parker  really changed my mind. The frames are light the designs are sexy and elegant.


Jeans, Stella McCartney sweater, MK handbag and the amazing frames by Warby Parker 


Gucci Shoes, Olive shirt and white shorts, sweets *yummy* and the sexy frames by Warby Parker


Blue dress, LV bag, blue engagement ring and elegant frames from Warby Parker and people will think that you are a royal 😉 


Woman by Common Projects brown sandals, white dress by Carven, frames from Warby Parker and it’s cupcake time with your BFFs.


Office time with Vectoria Becham shirt & pants, C.Louboutin shoes, Ralph Lauren bag and the light frames by Warby Parker 


Denim shirt, skirt, Valentino shoes (color block) and Warby Parker  classy frames


This collection is named the Corner and you will find them on www.warbyparker.com/corner
and in stores and showrooms. Starting at $95

And you got it I am in love with the shapes, the noble materials and the designs. (Absolutely in my wishlist, especially that I broke my ugly eyewear shhh don’t tell anyone)

We didn’t forget color, either. Two new hues,Rhubarb and Quartz, round out an intense palette of autumnal and icy shades, terrific for indoorsy cozytimes and leaf-crunching rambles alike. (Even when the temps rise again, they’re still good to go.)

Pefect girlfriends don’t exist !

When people love you they expect you to do everything perfectly…

good qualities often come with bad qualities as well.

The moment you accept this, the moment you will live happily ever after.

After all no one is perfect not even YOU. I mean don’t expect that people will fulfill your high standards.

1) Your girlfriend will never wake up like this…


but mostly like that 😀


2) Your girlfriend won’t take care of the house 24/24h


Because let’s face it cleaning isn’t the funniest thing on earth :/

3) Your girlfriend won’t plan all your weekends and your holiday and you will just there.


4) Your girlfriend won’t feel/act happy while you are playing all day long VideoGames


 Dudes be wanting a girl who plays video games, watch sports, have tattoos & wears Jordan’s. Sounds like you want a boyfriend.
If you prefer to watch “breaking bad”, ‘game of thrones”…than going out with her : You already LOST her.
5) Your girlfriend won’t act happy even if you don’t call/send messages or even don’t surprise her and come to see her when she doesn’t expect it.
If you expect one of the things above trust me you will lose your girlfriend and you may try your best to make her change her mind & stay with you because you loved her with all your heart and didn’t want to lose her but everything just won’t work out.
Because when a door is closed ……………It’s really closed.
Unless you accept that :

good qualities often come with bad qualities as well.


I want to live in Pinterest

Aih no time to blog properly, mostly because I have been busy having a life wtf. 

I’m basically addicted to Pinterest  lately and since I am on va-va-va-cation. So between my busy schedule of sitting on internet or doing some outdour activities, I like to improve my knowledge in  interior design. Looking to all these amazing houses, events, babies and food made me want to live in pinterest.

SO! Here’s some reason why I want to live in Pinterest.


1) You find the best designed houses.


2) They always have practical, creative and awesome ideas for your interior design


They actually master the art of storage


3) Well, food looks different


*This is a romantic french toast.

4) Babies are the cutest babies you can ever meet


5) They have gadget that make your life an easier one.


6) They have the funniest and simplest weddings of all.


In the end…


Top 10 FIFA Ranking Countries And Their Beautiful Accommodations For The World Cup


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This article is brought to you by  www.jovago.com


1. Spain – Master Express, Curitiba

Defending champions Spain are making the Alfredia Gottardi ‘Caju’ Training Centre in Cutiriba their base in Brazil, with eight private pitches for the team’s preparations. This modern hotel offers all the essentials a world class football team needs; a fitness centre, fine dining, a conference room and a sports bar to keep up with the tournament.



2. Germany – Toko Village, Porto Seguro

The German national team chose to build their own private training ground and hotel on the coast of Bahia, called Campo Bahia. A unique resort of ultra-modern holiday villas and vacation apartments set against the backdrop of Brazil’s Atlantic coastline. The village also offers leisure activities such as massages and kite surfing, in addition to a communal pool perfect for ultimate relaxation.



3. Brazil – CBF Training Centre at Granja Comary

Host team Brazil will be staying at their usual private training ground, the CBF Training Centre in Granja Comary on the edge of the mountainous Serra dos Orgaos National Park.

Nearby is the Atelier Molinaro Boutique Hotel, an idyllic retreat boasting stunning views of the surrounding mountains. With just 21 suites, this exclusive hotel boasts a swimming pool filled with natural mineral water, a jacuzzi and sauna, as well as volleyball and football pitches.



 4. Portugal – The Royal Palm Plaza Resort, Campinas

Portugal’s national team will be soaking up the luxury of the five-star Royal Palm Plaza this summer, in the city of Campinas. With a range of deluxe, super deluxe and special suites, the resort promises comfort, quality and attention to detail in a contemporary setting. The team will find an outdoor pool, a spa and a health club, as well as several shops, a beauty salon, a choice of eight restaurants and bars, and even a heliport.



5. Argentina – Boulevard Express, Belo Horizonte

Challengers Argentina will be staying in the city of Belo Horizonte during the tournament, at the training ground of a local football club. Located in the heart of Belo Horizonte, the Boulevard Express is close to the city’s main attractions and offers guests comfort, simplicity and an excellent breakfast included in the price.



6. Switzerland – La Torre Resort

The La Torre Resort is where the Switzerland team is staying in brazil. Located in Porto Seguro, Bahia, one of Brazil’s most beautiful beaches, the all-inclusive luxury resort features tennis courts, a sauna and a private beach. The five-star accommodation has a spa and wellness centre for relaxation, as well as a wide range of outdoor activities available.



7. Uruguay – JN Resort in Sete Lagoas

The Uruguayans are staying at the JN Resort, which combines of all the comfort and refinement of a modern and sophisticated to the natural charm of the region construction. Located in Sete Lagoas and also boasting easy access to capital Belo Horizonte and Confines International Airport, you can find the tranquility of a rural setting and all the comfort of a city. Comfort and elegance are present in every detail.



8. Colombia – Sao Paulo Soccer club training center

Located in the nearby city of Cotia, the Colombian team will be staying at the massive training centre, usually home to the professional Sao Paulo team. The facility has 11 playing fields along with accommodation for up to 148 people



9. Italy – Portobello Resort, Mangaratiba

Having two full size training pitches, a floodlit volleyball court and six tennis courts this 3.5 star accommodation on the outskirts of Rio will ensure that the players keep fit between matches. The hotel is built on its own private beach, where guests can also relax with sea views and some rooms even offering direct beach access.



10. England – Royal Tulip

Royal Tulip is located on the São Conrado beach in the popular tourist destination Rio de Janeiro. The hotel can host up to 3,000 people in 418 luxurious apartments with private balconies, boasting either sea or mountain views.

Fully equipped with an outdoor pool and stylish bar, the hotel certainly delivers on leisure activities, with two tennis courts, a gym and a sauna to help unwind after a tough match.



11. Nigeria – Vitoria Hotel

Vitória Hotel Campinas Concept is the largest and newest venture network, opened in February 2003. Marco referential quality, the unit has 19 floors and 253 comfortable and modern apartments with wireless internet and audio and video of the latest generation for the convenience of its customers. The structure of the building is designed to optimize natural lighting and reduce heat load. Pool, Spa Serena (with treatments for relaxation, aesthetics), a full gym Victory Fitness are there for the full use of the team.



The best of Africa at the best price. Book today!www.jovago.com