Laila Amraoui is a moroccan fashion designer, based on UAE, she is the founder of Amraoui couture.
Her Kaftans are a combination between the simplicity of western and the passion of Middle East.
  • What is the best moment of the day?

Evening time

  • Do you read design magazines?

No, I like to browse fashion sites and get some inspiration.

  • In your earlier years, how did you decide that you eventually wanted to become a designer?

Actually,I never thought of becoming a kaftan designer. It is when i arrived to Dubai and started missing my family, and our Moroccan culture and tradition. I missed our wonderful weddings where the ladies wear the most beautiful caftans. I wanted to share this part of our culture to the fashion minded ladies here in the Middle East.

  • What did your friends/family think when they saw your designs and original creations?

Well my parents and friends back home were amazed and very proud. They actually expected me to work in a big multinational company because of my studies. My friends encourage me every single day.

  • Who is your inspiration?

My parents, without their support and love throughout my life I wouldn’t be the person I am now.

  • How do you put your chosen colors together?

It comes naturally. As you can see in my collection, I like to use soft or basic colors and for me simplicity comes first. It makes the dress and the lady wearing it elegant.

  • When you create something, what goes through your mind?

I get excited and want to see it as quickly as possible in real.

  • You serve a wide range of colors and designs; when a woman is looking for something suitable to wear, how should they choose the outfit most suitable for them?

I believe that the kaftan suits every woman, no matter what the design is. ( I just love Kaftans!)

  • Does the preparation of a season’s collection take time?

Yes, around 3 to 4 months.

  • How do you intend women to feel when wearing Amraoui clothing?

I want them to feel special and elegant knowing that the dresses are made with a lot of care.

To know more about your style :

  • What’s your favorite brand of shoes/clothes & make up?

Haha,I am a very simple girl, no crazy shoe or clothes fanatic. Make up differs from time to time, usually YSL or Clinique.

  • Who are your favorite designers?

Amine Mrani and Zahra Yaagoubi

  • What is your favorite perfume?


  • In which country you like to shop?


  • Who are your fashion idols?

No one in particular.

  • Who helps you to choose your clothes?

No one, I love shopping on my own.

  • What we can find in your hand bag?

I like order, so I don’t carry that much with me. Essentials like keys, wallet and phone.

As you can see, Amraoui Couture offers you a wide choice of creations of modern and classical Caftans, designed by Laila Amraoui and handmade by artisans (m3almin).

To contact Laila Amraoui : Website , Facebook pageTwitter account.

Thank you for reading ~A ~Xoxo