• Tell us more about Pearlesque & it founder?
Inspired by elegance and era-based fashion, Pearlesque is home to the vintage, the chic, the seasonal trends and the unique. 
It is an online boutique bringing you the finest pieces exclusively sourced from around the globe. It inspires ladies to style themselves with exceptional vintage jewelry, clothing and accessories through the daily fashion updates. From the quirky and kitsch to the stylish and charming, everything on Pearlesque is carefully selected and available exclusively on the page.
As the founder,Gazl AlZalek, I have always had what I would like to call a FASHION MANIA keeping up with all the fashion updates. I thought, why not bring back those days when ladies truly looked like they came out of a magazine cover? Why not bring back the essence of fashion, the origins of it all?! Starting from that idea and with my passion for fashion, I decided to track down the most stylish vintage items.

  • What is special about your boutique?
Special lies within those items that are one of a kind ! 
  • what is your favorite piece?
My favorite piece, I would like to say, is the Elizabeth Taylor exquisite and legendary La Peregrina Pearl diamond and ruby necklace that was bought by her husband as a gift in 1969. The gorgeous 55 carat diamond with pear-shaped pearls is most famous. The piece was auctioned for 11.8$ million.
 The famous La Peregrina.
As you have noticed my love for pearls is beyond, thus the name PEARLESQUE, they just go with every outfit, every occasion, everyday. From French “Esque”, from Italian “Esco”, and many more origins, “Esque” refers to “in the style or manner of”, so PEARLesque combines to refer to “in the style or manner of pearls”. 
  • Where we can find Pearlesque?
Pearlesque can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and soon on pearlesque.uae.com. Updates about the website will be soon posted on the wall. Also, Pearlesque will soon be showcasing its one of a kind items in specific venues to be mentioned on the wall. 
We do sell items on the page and people can follow the latest trends, vintage icons, and information on the latest fashion.
  •  How will you describe Pearlesque vintage jewelery in one word?
  •  What are your future projects?
Future projects as I have mentioned before include the website. Also, the new collection “It’s a Vintage Summer” will soon be released so watch out for that ! It will feature items such as vintage Jewellery, vintage inspired clutches and shirts as well as vintage/Retro swimming suits.
Delivery is usually free for ppl in the UAE and we do ship worldwide for a minimal charge. 
  •  My favorite question : what do you think about my blog? 
As for your blog, I have to say I am impressed by your work and this is reflected by how eager I am for you to write about us 🙂 Thank you for this request, I really appreciate it.
I am convinced that Pearlesque is just amazing, beautiful and unique. ~A