I had the pleasure to interview -via internet- the very famous and beautiful TV presenter Rania Barghout, I sent to her my questions and she was kind enough to answer them.
  • What’s your favorite brand of shoes/clothes& make up?
I am unfortunately not a fashion follower… I don’t even have a clue as to what goes on in the fashion world. I loved looking at all those glamorous icons you displayed in your blog and clearly you’re a fashion buff 🙂 Am not at all. I wear what suits me, what I like. Usually what I wear reflects my mood. Dark colors mean I’m feeling somber and serene whereas colorful clothes is my way of expressing my jovial mood. When am sad or in a down mood I could wear mismatching clothes or forget my accessories 🙂
I prefer to wear clothes made by Lebanese designers like Lulwa Abdel Baqi’s Kalabsha , even my accessories are almost always made by Lebanese artists. As for make-up, am a fan of L’Oreal, Makeup Forever , even MaxFactor & bourjois blusher. I don’t go for big brand names cause they don’t mean much to me. I wear what suits my skin 🙂
My style of clothing varies but I have been known to like long wide dresses, tops that are a size or two bigger than me and birkenstock .. this doesn’t mean I don’t dress up from time to time but still no specific designer.
  • What is your favorite perfume?

I have worn my perfume for years and it’s Kenzo flower. It smells fresh, soapy, almost like baby powder without overwhelming your surroundings.

  • Who are your fashion idols?

I don’t have a fashion Idol and wouldn’t know one from the other to tell you the truth. I go into a store and usually the price tag gives me an indication of who am buying 🙂 No one styles me as I wear what I want no matter what people’s opinion is … am quite stubborn that way.

  • In which country you like to shop?

I usually shop in Lebanon and England as I find my style of clothing more available.

  • What we can find in your handbag?

I don’t carry a purse per se… I carry my camera backpack on a daily basis which includes my camera + gear, my keys, a lip balm, blusher & mascara for quick touchups. In the eve I carry clutches which again contain everything I mentioned minus the camera which usually sits still in the trunk of my car just in case a photo-op presented itself 🙂

  • Describe yourself in five words.
Moving on to my personality, I can describe myself as optimistic happy-go-lucky, stubborn, determined, forgiving & emotional.
  • Tell our readers more about you as :  a TV presenter, a photographer and a beautiful mother?
I am a mother first and foremost… I adore my girls & believe my heart beats for them alone. I am proud of how they are shaping up to become and I admire their individuality and uniqueness.  The TV presenter is who I am..it’s not my job. I love standing in front of that camera and talk to people. i love communicating my thoughts. I wish people can feel my emotions as they are always real. I can’t fake it. I am a total loser in attaining a poker face. I am transparent and convey my feelings through every word I utter.
Being in front of the camera is good for my ego but standing behind it gives me wings. I shoot everything and everyone. I hold my camera (Nikon D5100) at all times, it never leaves my side and if I happen to go somewhere without it, they ask about it as if asking for my third child 🙂 I love black and white photography and love capturing candid moments.
  • What is your favorite shot?
One of my favorite photos
  • How long have you been presenting for mbc? & How do you find working with them?
I have worked with mbc since I was 22 yrs old and being there is like being home.People sometimes call me rania mbc not rania barghout so mbc is identified by me and vice versa. I love them and love being on set every time I set foot on location. My heart beats faster and feel the adrenaline rushing. It’s magic every single time.
Before mbc I worked in the official Lebanese channel Tele-Liban as the English newscaster so all in all I have been in the business for nearly a quarter of a century.
  • Is there anything new on the horizon?
At the moment I am studying the possibility of presenting a show offered to me by mbc and am thinking about it… will release details soon 🙂
  • I have learned the most from….
The person I learned most from is my mother… she was wise, calm & beautiful. Her words ring in my ear still and I can hear her guiding me in everything I do.
  • What, Rania’s day, look like?
My day begins with girls and as soon as I see them off to their school, I prepare our meal and set off to begin my day. I answer  emails, check twitter and Facebook as am very active online, develop programme ideas and at times set up presenting workshops.  I drive to the office at times and involve myself in the day’s planning for a show am presenting. Back at home, I sit with my girls when they come back from school, we go over their day. If they need help I offer (as long as it’s not Math) and we have a meal together. In the eve I go out with my friends for a drink, a movie or just a drive … that’s all 🙂
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