Tell us more about yourself and your brand “Aysha Nuaimi”.

  • First of all, hello and thank you for having me on your blog. My name is Aysha AL Nuaimi,I am an Emirati/Lebanese handbag designer.I have launched my handbag line in early 2011,and plan on expanding it hopefully in the coming years.

When  did  you  realize  you  wanted  to  become  a  bag  designer  and  what  was  the first  bag  like?
  • My passion for fashion started during my early years. After graduating from university I decided to pursue that passion and turn it into a line that carries my name. My very first handbag was the Aishi Classic handbag which carried the A.Nuaimi identity flap in addition to the A.Nuaimi monogram.

Where do you get your inspiration and ideas?

  • All things surrounding me are a form of inspiration. Different materials,shapes,and textures play a major role in creating any A.Nuaimi piece. 
How do you want your line to be ?
  • My ambition is to make my brand a global one. I would love to gain the exposure which would allow A.Nuaimi to be one of the major brands coming out of the Middle East.

Which of A. Nuaimi   bags is your favorite and why ?

  • All of my designs are close to my heart,but I would say my very first handbag is pretty special. The Aishi Classic handbag is not only the very first A.Nuaimi handbag,but it’s also the face of the line. It carries both the identity flap and the monogram. 

Which designers do you admire and why?

  • There are quite a few international designers that I admire, but the one I appreciate most is Karl Lagerfield. I love his work! He has got his own unique style and that is the most important thing in any field of the arts.

How would you define fashion in the Middle East?

  • Fashion in the Middle East is up and coming. We have very creative designers in the fashion industry. Some are already international,and in my opinion many emerging designers will also pave their way to the international fashion scene in the coming years. 

What essential piece of advice would you give to someone who wanted a career in fashion designing?

  • The most important piece of advice to any designer is to have their own style,and of course to never give up on their goals no matter what it takes.

Where we can purchase Aysha’s bags?

  • You can purchase the A.Nuaimi handbags from a few Dubai based stores such as Sauce (Dubai mall),, Moda outlet ,and Glamour911 ( Rouge Couture) in Jumeirah. We also have a variety of handbags displayed at Cream Jeddah. 

    We also sell directly through our  Facebook page . 

We would like to know more about your style.

What is your favorite brand of shoes/clothes and make up?

  • I absolutely adore Christian Louboutin’s shoes. Whereas, I don’t have one special clothing brand. Anything classy yet funky would be something I would love to wear. 
  • My favorite make up brand is Make up forever.
Who are your favorite designers?
  • As I mentioned above I love Karl Lagerfield.
What is your favorite perfume?
  • Viva la juicy from Juicy Couture.
In which country you like to shop?
  • U.A.E, we have got everything any shopper would look for.
Who are your fashion idols?
  • My fashion idol is my sister Loulwa AL Nuaimi.
Who helps you to choose your clothes?
  • My sister.

What we can find in your hand bag?

  • My wallet,make up,mobile phone,and sketch book.

Thanks again, for doing this interview. In closing, any quote that you could leave us with?

  • Thank you Asmae for having me on your blog. 
  • I would like to thank each and every believer in the talents of the up and coming Arab designers. That support is what will help our fashion industry to grow and prosper.
Thank you ~Asmae MAHFOUD ~Xoxo