Nabrman is an Emarati fashion house of high choice. The brand, which is slightly over three years old, has already emerged as one of the most desired Abaya brands in the region, with an ever increasing following of trendy and stylish women.

Established by Hend Al Mutawa, Nabrman translates to white flower in the Turkish language, and symbolises the brand values of purity and elegance.

Hend’s vision is to highlight the importance of our traditions and culture as well as change people’s perception to knowing what an Abaya actually represents in the Arab world and that it can be designed in so many ways to and emphasized as a fashion statement on its own. Through her exquisite designs, Hend not only targets the Arabic speaking clientele, but also westerners and Asians.

What is the best moment of the day? 

  • Midnight, when it’s all peaceful and quite. 

Do you read design magazines?

  • Yes, I like to read Fashion magazines. 

In your earlier years, how did you decide that you eventually wanted to become a designer? 

  • My dream is to be a successful entrepreneur & being a designer helped me a lot in succeeding in the business as I was aware of the organizational challenges and how to overcome them. I started designing as a hobby during my first year in university where I believed that I can make a difference in the fashion world of Abayas. Then after I graduated in 2009, I decided to start designing professionally and that’s when I first introduced my brand Nabrman to the market in UAE.   

What did your friends/family think when they saw your designs? 

  • They were very supportive and encouraged me all the way.

Who is your inspiration? 

  • My inspiration in business is Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, as I learned from him that if you have a dream & work hard for it, everything is possible.

How do you put your chosen colors together? 

  • I choose the colors for my designs depending on the season & I always get suggestion from our customers. 

When you create something, what goes through your mind?

  • When I’m working on a new piece, the main thing on my mind is the inspiration behind the design. It’s about blending the trends, colors, & concept to introduce the best outcome possible that also incorporates our tradition & culture. 

Does the preparation of a season’ collection take time?

  • Yes, it takes some time to prepare each collection. Usually about 2-3 Months. 

How do you intend women to feel when wearing Nabrman clothing?

  • Stylish, Chic & Comfortable.

Can you tell “My name is Asmae” readers about your future projects? 

  • Our plans are yet to be revealed 😉

Where can we purchase your designs? 

  • You can purchse our designs from : 

Nabrman’s Store on Jumeirah Rd, Dubai, UAE. 

Website , Twitter : @NabrmanFacebook page, BB PIN: 275 607FD, Contact: +9714 3944470 , or +97150 3424212, Email :

Ush Boutique (Al Wasl Rd, Dubai), 
Dar Usha (AlAraby Mall, Al Mezher),

What’s your favorite brand of shoes/clothes & make up?

  • Shoes/Clothes: Gucci, LV, Tods, & Steve Madden. Make up: Bobby Brown, Laura Mercier & MAC. 

Who are your favorite designers?

  •  Lanven, D&G, Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs.

What is your favorite perfume?

  • Chance & No5 by Chanel.  

In which country you like to shop?

  • Dubai (UAE) , London (UK), & New York (USA).

Who are your fashion idols?

  •  No one specific.

Who helps you to choose your clothes?

  • I choose them on my own & get my friends feedback when we go shopping.  

What we can find in your hand bag?

  • Blackberry, I phone, Wallet, Perfume, Lipstick, Sunglasses, Hand Sanitizer.  

& my favorite question : What do you think of my blog? 

  • I think your blog is very creative & reflects your distinct personality, I just love the design & the way it’s organized. Great work ^_^

Kim Kardashian wearing Nabrman Abaya, while her visit to Dubai

Thank you ~Asmae MAHFOUD ~Xoxo