I asked my followers to  send a picture of what they will eat for Iftar or Suhoor to mmasmae@gmail.com or tweet it directly to @MMAsmae on twitter 🙂 And they were so kind to publish the pictures of their Ramadan’s food.

So thank to everyone who followed my idea, & if you want to be featured on my blog do the same. No more blabla check the pictures 😉

  • Laban & Dates…My preferred iftar 🙂 by  Sultan Saeed Darmaki  from UAE.

  • Arabic Coffee right after Iftar 🙂 Feel so gooooood! by Sultan Saeed Darmaki  from UAE.

  • Behind the scene, green salad and mexican chicken, the rest is still in progress! By Karim Abdeen from Egypt.

  • Ramadan sweets. day 1 by Afra Beljafla from UAE

  • Knowing that I’m a complete starbucks addict + someone who is trying to cut down the calories I eat, for Iftar I usually run to starbucks for a tall skinny upside-down double shot caramel macciato with a birthday cakepop. I know the cakepop doesn’t help, but I like to treat myself too. Ramadan is such a peaceful time that brings Muslims all around the world together! LOVE IT! Ramadan Mubarak everyone!  By Sophia Jaffery from Los Angeles  ~XoPhee

Sandwiches by @starxo143 from Abu Dhabi

@abdou_mlk  wishes you Ramadan Kareem from France

  • Ramadan Kareem everyone Xoxo