Worood Intraflora LLC is one of the Gulf’s most successful floral decoration and supply companies.

What is special about “Worood”? 

  • We consider everything here at Worood special! We have 400-500 different varieties of flowers arriving here every week and bring in the latest flowers on trend. If our client is looking for any type of flower at all anywhere in the world, we will supply it to them with no questions asked! We aim to deliver in a very short time frame, no matter how large the project and have an extensive and professional team that makes this possible. Here in Dubai we attract a lot of tourists, and we hear a lot from them that they wish Worood to be in their own country. At the end of the day, our clients come to us with their dreams and we strive to make them reality.

Who is behind the creative idea of “Worood”? 

  • Siblings Mohammed and Maryam Al Noori are the founders of Worood and have a large part to play in the everyday running and core dealings of the business. The team behind Worood are a multicultural blend of talented people who love nature and who are passionate about events and design. Quality is one of the top priorities of the business and each member of staff has their own unique contribution to ensure that such standards are met.

Could you tell us what prompted you to become a florist and when and where did you start your business? 

  • Maryam loved flowers from an early age and started directly from high school. At that time imports of fresh flowers were limited, therefore she dealt with artificial flowers. It was only in the late 80’s where she insisted on bringing the nature to the UAE and the region. Our first shop, Intraflora was one of the first to celebrate seasonal occasions in the city, inspiring others to follow suit. We became involved with many government initiatives to grow the flower industry here in the UAE and have been very successful in doing so.

Could you tell us about some of your recent commissions ? 

  • We have worked across the Gulf, in many countries for many different people including royalty. We frequently support many charitable and philanthropic foundations, such as Breast Cancer awareness programmes and Autism awareness campaigns. We created our own initiative: ‘The Pink Rose’ campaign which gave messages of encouragement to survivors and people combating Breast Cancer . We have worked with celebrities such as Mischa Barton and designer companies such as Dior, thus making our portfolio of work very large and varied!

How would you describe “Worood” ‘s style? 

  • We’d say our style is perfectly on trend that can be called a real piece of art to anyone who experiences it.

What is your favourite flower? 

  • All flowers! 

What are your plans for this summer & the wedding season? 

  • We are looking to go beyond the norm this summer when it comes to weddings, doing things out of the ordinary such as having weddings on cruises and indifferent cities that are not just in a ballroom. Usually in our culture here, we invite hundreds of guests, spending lots of money, not knowing who their guests are. From this, we want people to take a different approach, giving their most loved guests a truly unique experience.

Worood is made with LOVE

How to order Worood’s flowers : 

Twitter : @WoroodDXB , Facebook page :  Worood, Phone number : 00 971 800 3040, E-mail : info@worood.com,  mirdif@worood.com,  dubaimall@worood.com,  moe@worood.com.

Thank you ~Asmae MAHFOUD ~Xoxo