Let’s start by hearing a little about yourself… who are Afaf & Marwa?

  • Afaf & Marwa are two Moroccan sisters. Afaf is 19 years old, she’s a student in a management school. She is a budding fashion designer, and she wants to have her own clothing line. Marwa is a 15 years old high school student. Her favorite fashion icon is Karl Lagerfeld. She loves his designs, and thinks that he’s the best source of inspiration. 

What led you to write about / be involved in the fashion industry?

  • We have always loved Fashion, but in different ways. We were following international bloggers, from all over the world. Then, we said: Why not us ? Why we wouldn’t create a blog, where we will be able to share our passion with others, and let the world see our conception of Fashion.

How did “Afaf&Marwa” start?

  • When we decided to create Afaf & Marwa – Le Blog, we were a little bit confused. We had a lot of ideas, but didn’t know what to start with. So in the very beginning, we did Gossip Posts ! It was a little bit “mean” but too funny. People loved it. Then, we started showing our readers our outfits, diy’s then designs !

So what is “Afaf&Marwa” about?

  • Afaf & Marwa is like a fashion diary. We write about trends, fashion events, designers … Our posts are a bunch of our favorites ; outfits of the day, DIY’s and creations. 

How would you describe your personal style?

  • We have almost the same style. Moody Chic. We can wear sneakers and jogging today, and switch to heels and bubble skirt tomorrow. But we are faithful to our “Chic side”. We can keep our bow headband while wearing sporty looks 😉

Who or what has been your greatest fashion influence?

  • Afaf : The retro and vintage trend. There’s always a touch of gold or a vintage piece in my outfits. Thus, I get often inspired by the character Blair Waldrof in Gossip Girl. She’s so chic, and her style has a little bit of retro.
  • Marwa : Color Block ! When this trend first came out, I was like :WOW: ! Recently, this trend is a little bit absent from fashion podiums. However, I can’t get rid of it. There are always bright colors in my shopping bags !

Which is your favorite fashion designer at the moment, and why?

  • Afaf :  I fell in love with Elie Saab’s ready-to-wear collection for fall/winter 12/13. The dresses are so chic, and simple at the same time ! I think that any woman could look gorgeous in his clothes.
  • Marwa: Karl Lagerfeld is the best and my favorite. I loved his Olympic collection! You should take a look at it. 

What current fashion trends do you like and dislike the most at the moment?

  • The current fashion trends that we like the most at the moment are collars, neon and lace. We didn’t like the hawaien and african prints.

What would be the one fashion tip you would give to a friend?

  • Make your outfits simple, then accessorize them. It makes them better and unique if you’ve done it well.

As the creator of  “Afaf&Marwa” , where do you see the site in 5 years time?

  • With millions of worldwide visitors. We want Afaf & Marwa-Le Blog to be famous and become the reference of all the fashionistas, why not!

Everybody know that you are also an upcoming designers, so tell us : how did you decide that you eventually wanted to become a designer? 

  • Afaf has always been making fashion sketches. Marwa has always a DIY idea that turns nothing into something very cute and interesting. When we have a design to make, the seamstress always does it the wrong way. There’s always something missing. Then Afaf decided to start fashion design lessons !

What did your friends/family think when they saw your designs? 

  • Our relatives have always shown their interest toward the designs we began with. Which were personalized t-shirts. They started making orders to encourage us. Our mother helped us, and shared with us her techniques and experience. ( She draws on tissue, glass, silk … )

When you create something, what goes through your mind?

  • YEAH, I DID IT ! :laugh:

I am a fan of your designs, so were we can purchase them, especially the “’Take a Moustache’?

Thank you, this is heartwarming! We have sold some of our creations, but we only deliver in Morocco. It’s not huge, because we work on order. But we wish to create an online store why not!

Can you tell “My name is Asmae” readers about your future projects?

  • We are working on our very first mini collection! We put all of our creativity and energy in it. So stay tuned!

Thanks for doing this interview. In closing, any quote that you could leave us with?

Stressed, Depressed, but well dressed 😉

Useful links : Afaf&Marwa Blog , Twitter account & Facebook page

Thank you ~Asmae Mahfoud ~Xoxo