Hello ladies and gentlemen !

Going back to France (Insha’Allah) to continue my studies. 2 months here in Morocco has been too awesome. I loved every day of it. So I will be away from social media & from my blog too, sad isn’t it? 😦

But I need to focus on my studies, my MBA (LASER) needs me more than the Internet.

Ending this whole social media  thing. There are so many important things in my life I’d rather give my time to. Focus on school, love my family & organise my life. Then I will be back Insha’Allah.

Thank you everyone for reading my blog, for following me on @MMAsmae & for your very sweet e-mails.

Advice of the post :

Students , face your studies because twitter does NOT give money , not ever !

 Thank you lovely people, huge hugs to all of you ;)أستودعكم الله الذي لا تضيع ودائعه