Hey everyone,

You guys like nail polish?  I know I do.
I seem to buy about two new polishes a week at this point, which may sound a little crazy but it’s my jam and I work hard (justify, justify, justify).  My new go-to brand is the Hérôme polish, which has taken a turn for the better lately. They  sent me a very cute package.

&  I felt in love with every Hérôme ‘s product. I should also mention that Hérôm’s team are very sweet. I love them!

Hérôme has a lot of gorgeous colors, every girl must try them 😉

*BTW many Moroccan bloggers tried them, such as our beautiful ladies Afaf&Marwa 😉

I loved the quality of Hérôme‘s polishes ! Awesome products is awesome.

And the very interesting thing they also have other product for hands and nails.

I love everything with this brand even the design of their bottles, so if you like them too, you just have to check out their Facebook page.

Thank you for visiting Xoxo.