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Hello everyone,

I wanna talk about a funny and boring experience at the same time.

Three of my  friends had to play football against other students in my university. And as a good friend I went to support them.

*I actually made fun of them all the time. Hahahaha

They look awesome, I love how they are fighting for winning or at least trying to 😉

Here we go, the game began, and the one and only Kilian or as we call it the Kiki was really taking the game so serious. The result he scored against his team. lol Hahahahaha

& This is our handsome goalkeeper, the other team scored 4 goals against him. He did right when he didn’t choose sport as his career lol

This is Marion, she was the only one who thought that the team might win. She was really playing hard so hard 😉

So our amazing team lost even if they tried hardly to win. I guess you can see the deception on their faces :p LOL

Thank you guys for the fun game 😉