Hello lovelies !

Everyone from my generation is getting married or having babies. & I am just getting more cutter than before. (Hahahahaha)

Since I didn’t meet the love of my life, I was thinking how my husband will look like and how he will dress up? *Good question isn’t it?

So this is how my husband will dress up :

He should be an Apple fan :

My hubby have to buy me this from time to time 😉 :

And this is what my future husband has to do, when we will  get babies :

* He has to play with our baby, to take care of him, to feed him and to take him for a walk while I am shopping on : www.jumia.ma

I am dreaming of course Hahahaha 😉 BTW dear hubby if you really exist, all the items are available on : www.jumia.ma. Thank you my dear husband Xoxo