Last weekend in France we decided (my friends and I ) to discover the city for a couple of hours just to see how we can enjoy this little town. I had no idea what the others had planned.
So after like a 15 minutes drive we ended up in the park de la verrerie.
It’s a really really nice and quiet peaceful park.
I love pink in everything and I love it more on flowers. *So girly* hahahaha 😉
I love the view, the trees, the sky the flowers were so amazing.
& then I found this rock, so I took a picture of it *Yes Yes it’s that simple*
How photogenic is she? I loved her cute eyes 😉
He/she brought her sister Hahahaha *BTW I had bread that’s why they came to meet me. I mean not because they love me, no there is nothing about that.
*I also have to add that I didn’t give them anything because I was so afraid. :p
& of course this is Kuzco, he actually died his hair into brown !
I am so jealous, he has amazing colors !
Some animals hanging out !
One word : UGLY !!
While uploading the picture, I found out that the lac *I guess* looks like a heart.
*Ahem* Here I am, being anti-social, looking to my phone Hahahaha
Oh ! and there was a circus there, unfortunately we couldn’t see the show.
Yes Yes This is me laughing out loud *Like always* LOL
I am so cute, so modest and I love Hello Kitty.
And this is a picture  for no reason. Wahahaha!
 I’m going to bed after a hard day of converting oxygen to carbon dioxide.