Hello lovelies,

In France is already freezing and I guess I need a soup right now *This actually work just for few minutes 😦

What I exactly need is new jumpers, I went to many stores here in this city, I didn’t find what I want. The new collections suck here. So I decided to see on the online shopping. And guess what I found very very lovely jumpers on www.ringsandtings.com .

I love them all, the cat and the black jumpers are so cute 😉

Double finger moustache ring is amazing too (which I super love because it goes well with anything)

They also have BAGS *Yeey*

This bag will go well with any traditional outfit (Abaya, Caftan…), she also go perfectly with your daily outfit. *Smile it isn’t that serious lol*

They have a lot of lovely accessories, bags, clothes and watches.  I met www.ringsandtings.com thanks to Internet. I love you internet LOL

Real talk : Since you are loving my blog *I guess* and since you are such a cuties by leaving comments on some posts. www.ringsandtings.com decided to give you  10% discount code : stylecard10 *Memorize it*

www.ringsandtings.com doesn’t mind shipping internationally, so just Click on the link Here to shop! & Don’t forget the discount code *A mum voice*.