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  • First tell us a little bit about yourself?

27 year-old, Saudi mother of two kids and a finance lecturer. From Jedda, I noticed three things in people while growing up: Body language, verbal communication and etiquette. Only then i did not know they were categorized under the term “image consulting”.
my journey began when i was preparing for her Ph.D. in economics and finance in Australia. A small box popped up on my computer inviting me to sign up for a styling course. Out of curiosity, i visited the website when her eyes targeted what she was unconsciously looking for my keen interest in style and fashion turned into a professional study when i took a course at Australia College in 2011, along with a certificate in etiquette and a training course in the areas of grooming, deportment and fashion at Victoria’s Models in Australia.

  • Tell us more about being a fashion image consultant in the Arab world?

It’s a bit challenging to convince people how important is my job , as in the Arab world image consultancy  is an unfamiliar career.

  • Do you have future goals for your business?

Help Arabian women to achieve their desires.

  • What kinds of activities do you offer?

1)   In person consultation

2)   Short courses

3)   Online consultation

4)   Retailers / designers consultation

  • You also have a blog. When you decide to communicate with your followers via this medium? What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I am not a great writer ! my genius social media consultant  Samaher Tariq suggested to me to have a blog. Through this blog I share some of my research, study, tips, experience ..etc

My favorite is that all I post about is archived 🙂 It is a documentary of my knowledge. It is like an online magazine of me. 

  • Please describe your personal style.

Timeless, dramatic … I play with my style according to my desires!

  • How do you determine the best style for your clients?

According to her personality first, second to her desires… How would like people to preserve her? What does she want to achieve? Etc

  • Do you help your clients edit their closets? If Yes. What’s the hardest thing about this for you and for your clients?

Hmm… I have done that with some close clients, but I think it is not hard to have wardrobe assessment service in Saudi Arabia due to the culture.

  • Do you follow fashion trends?

Yes. I love trends but I always switch trends to my personal style.

I am stylish but not fashionable! 

  • What’s an item of clothing that you would love to ban from every woman’s wardrobe?

Nothing, every item has an occasion to wear it in. and people must know that properly.

  • What events do you like to be a part of in the middle east when it comes to life coaching, and image consulting?

Fashion and image related events and self-development events.

  • Do you have to travel a lot for your job?

No not much right now, because I have launched the online consultation, it made my life easier.

  • A lot of people like to walk around with the attitude that they don’t care about what they look like, or they aren’t that into style and fashion. Can you explain how your image can have a huge impact on your everyday life?

People love to see beautiful and tidy clothes in every where in the world and many people unconsciously judge according to what they see, so take so advantage of your image !!

  • Would you like to add anything else for my readers?

Thank you for your interview and for your time to read me.

Useful links to contact Najwa : Facebook page , www.najwaaldardeer.com , Pinterest , Phone number : 0544445330 and e-mail : najwaaldardeer@gmail.com