The title is funny or NOT hahahaha

Anyway, when I was younger, I never used a notebook or an agenda, I could memorize anything such as my exams, the phone numbers and all my appointments. When I moved to France I start forgetting everything, I guess french people stole my brain. Oops ! That was stupid lol. So I added to my shopping list, cute notebooks *Poor my papa who will pay for all the stuffs. Hahahaha

Anyway, I am saying this because days ago my friend Karim Fattah shared a very lovely picture of a very good design of a notebook.

I want I want it I want it *Annoying Child voice* this Lego Notebooks by ‘The Siliconcept’ is AMAZING.

So I asked for more details to know where can I have it?….Guess what, I discovered a world of Good Designs, in this world you can find jewelers, clothes collections, crib wall art, crib furniture, towels and a lot of other stuffs. Oh ! and I forgot to tell you, the world’s name, it’s odezy.com.

*odezy.com, Egypt’s single destination for all design online, made its debut catering to a member-only base across all price points and verticals. odezy.com’s product range is bounded by one aspect, “Good Design.” Membership is free*

BTW every time I see cute things in websites, which don’t ship to France, I feel so angry and I feel like moving to their place, so now I am feeling the need move to Egypt for a notebook. LOL

Hmm !!….I guess I will stay till I’ll find an agency who will pay my trip to Egypt when I will be a very² famous blogger hahahahaha LOL, but I will keep an eye on odezy.com‘s facebook page : Here.

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