Hello everyone ! How is your weekend going?

In this post I will share some looks that I love from the online boutique : jumia.ma.

Look1 : Perfect for friend gathering especially that the Eid is around the corner

Yeah ! don’t forget your tablette, because you are being addicted (or not) to  my blog lol

Look2 : Perfect for work/university, just to make your collegues so jeaulous mwahahahah :p

Look3 : Perfect style for a walk to remember with someone special 😉

Look4 : perfect for dinner in a lovely restaurant 😉

I know that you are already imagining yourself wearing those awesome clothes and rocking them. *BTW if you are a guy and you imagine your self wearing dress : THAT’S WEIRD *Evil laugh*

If you want to rock those pieces hurry up & click click jumia.ma 😉

Don’t forget to join this page 😉 Here