I love France cold weather…Except when it gets me sick. Arghh! Yeah I am extremely sick right now, flu robbing me of my weekend sniff sniff 😥 and I am also turning “m”s to “b”s I ab happy wtf !! Hahahahaha.

When I was in Morocco, I always loved to be sick just to stay at home. LOL I loved how mom used to take care of me and to make me delicious soup. Being sick without my mom actually sucks 😦 Because I have to take care of my self to make food, to clean the house and to study !! It’s too much to handle 😦

Moral of the post : Being sick without your mom is the worst.  So I was complaining about my hard life to my parents on the phone. And my papa suggested me to buy a prepared soup, I was loke NO WAY, these soups are disgusting *Beurg*. So my papa insisted that I have to buy Knorr’s soup, since I am a good girl I went to the market and I bought some knorr soups.

Vegetables, vegetables everywhere !!

So for my dinner, I have chosen the 9 vegetables’ soup.

This is me with taking a picture with my soup to memorize the moment LOL

*Yeey* My soup is ready, and guess what it was so yummy, thank you my papa for the very delicious advice and thank you Knorr for taking care of me, like my mom LOL

The only thing I need now, is to get over my coughing. I really hope to get better soon so I can actually be productive. I have a lot of exams next week…

I Hope your weekend is going much better!