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Hello my beloved ones,

Everyone knows that Aid Al Adha is just around the corner, it means that everyone is shopping for the Aid celebrations and all the malls and shops are full of people. so to make it easy for you I made some stylish selections from www.jumia.ma.

Aid Al Adha is all about traditional outfits, so I have chosen some Djellabas from  www.jumia.ma and I styled them.

  • First look :

This look is very comfortable, especially,  if you are visiting your family and friend.

  • Second look :

This one is very simple yet elegant, you will look like a queen while wearing it.

  • Third look :

Very feminine and I am so loving the pinky shoes and scarf. Oh ! And don’t forget your camera to capture your special moments with your family and friends.

  • Fourth look :

This look is very peaceful, I love how they combined the green with white. And the fabric of this one is very special.

  • Fifth look :

This look is very fresh, you can wear it in your morning visits 🙂

I am in love with all the looks, BTW there are many Djellabas, accessories and scarves on www.jumia.ma. Hurry up and make your own lovely look Xoxo