I created a new category on my blog, Asmad and it’s the combination between Asmae and mad. Genius  hein?

This summer I moved to a new city in France, a city that is near to my “cousin” house. Why cousin between brackets, because I actually never heard about them before. wtf!

And the worst thing ever, is I had to act like I love them and stuffs. Anyway, this cousin (a woman) began to call me 6 times per day! Harassing time wtf. I answered a call, and ignored the other ones.

Every day, I get thousand of messages, I missed please call me I want to meet you.

And I am like: WTF!

She also asked me to spend Aid Al Adha with her and my answer was:

She really forced me to really really hate her. Ah! And you know what? She called my parents, to ask why I don’t answer her calls.

My mom had to handle her voice for more than 20 minutes poor Mom, I don’t know how she felt but in her place I would be happy. Sarcasm is my best friend.  LOL

It’s not the end of the story, take your cup of tea and come to hear the best part.

Today my friend and I was working on our project, and we heard someone knocking on the door, and surprise:  it’s her wtf! I was like what I should do! What I should do….. If I close the door on her noise do you think that she will go? Brain Fuc*ed.

I ended up not to, she was like why you don’t want to come to my house, why you don’t answer my calls and I am like eeehhh I don’t know I didn’t hear them! I were just trying to find an excuse to not tell her that I fuc*ing don’t want to talk or see her.

Anyway, she talked talked talked…. Talked, after she walked out my home. My friend was like she is impolite how she can come to people’s house without telling them. And the question is: HOW SHE FOUND MY ADDRESS? I guess if anyone, one day wanted to kill me he will find me easily. I need a body-guard wtf!

Arabs why you don’t respect people’s privacy?

Sorry for the presence of the f word on my blog.