Hello everyone!

You got it this post is all about LOVE.

Today I was chilling on twitter and I saw some Nayrouz ABouzid’s fans very upset, because they read that a Moroccan girl sending some heartful tweets to their favorite celebrity.

*Sorry Nayrouz.

I replaced her name with hearts, because I am not thinking to make her famous in any case.

Once I read that :  Insult is powerful. Insult begets both rage and humor and often at the same time.

First advice : Don’t insult anyone, especially if you never meet him or her. Avoid unnecessary sins.

Sorry anonymous, I am Moroccan and I never heard that you became Morocco’s spokeswoman.

Second advice : Never be your country spokeswoman/man without it permission.

I do NOT hate Amy Mowafi, I don’t have the right to do it, especially if I love Nayrouz. They had a relationship and this relationship ended up. So what? It’s their own life, they have to live it as they want.

I have also to add that Hiya w huwa season two was about Shady and Nayrouz’s life. And Al Hamdellah it was a very successful season and the beautiful couple got many fans from the whole world. If you open your twitter you will find many twitter accounts dedicated to the couple. And all of them are asking for a new reality show. Yes, Yes we would love to see “keeping up with Shady’s family” on TV 😉

Moral of the story don’t hate anyone!

This video is for Shady, Nayrouz and their fans enjoy 😉