Hey Hey ! I missed blogging.

I have to say blogging became my new addiction to me, I love blogging and I love it because I do it for fun.

This is my face in case you forgot. Oh! wait two of me LOL

So I will tell about my week 🙂 This week I had a monday off and there is nothing better than that *WOOT WOOT*

So my friend and I went to the grocery mall. Nothing interesting by I had to do it, especially if I need to eat.

Here we go!

My friend and I, were so bored that day so we took thousand of pictures that day. LOL

While I was buying fruits and vegetables I saw this little sweet thing…

Why I love it because, my mom has a tree which make this little sweet oranges. And she used to make bottles of jam and give it to the neighbours, friends and family members. Because know one at home like this fruit. The price of the Kg of this thing is 9 euros and my mom gave it all the time to our relative for free. wtf !! or LOL !!

I spent like more than 10 mins in front of biscuits chocolates and sweets, and I ended up not buying anything.

So this is what I bought, I always buy what I need nothing more nothing less 😉

It was my monday morning, now I have to study my french/english presentation. I choose to talk about windows 8 *yeeey* 😉