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Hello everyone,

Happy national day to all  UAE citizens & residents♥

They were lucky enough to get a lovely message from HRH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum ruler of Dubai.


“اللهم رد كيد كل من أراد بالإمارات وقادتها وشعبها سوءاً في نحره واشغله في نفسه واجعل تدبيره تدميره”

I love UAE, I love UAE people and I love how they are too sweet and helpful♥


Now back to France,

If you’ve been reading my blog for months and months (:D) you’d notice that I don’t really talk about personal stuff much.

But people always ask me about my studies and what I am doing in France. They expect me to say I am having fun, I do shopping everyday and also clubbing every night *tourism ya3ny*. But the reality is that I study here in France, and my studies aren’t that easy. :/


This is me at the university, trying to work hard or to take pictures Hahahah :p


This is me with one of my favourite friends Xavier,  both of us are tired 😦


Hair all messed up, eyebags jumpsuit not very elegant , anyway this picture is a big fail wtf!!

Thank God I don’t always wear  that thing! my studies are based on doing lovely designs with LASER  working 😉


I also work with computers and microscopes 😉


And this is my first creation the picture isn’t clear, so you just have to comment and say that It’s beautiful and well designed Hahahahaha 😉

And while I am writing all this it’s snowing outside 🙂