Azza Fahmy, announces the launch of the ‘Azza Fahmy Design Studio’ (AFDS) – in collaboration with Alchimia School of Contemporary Design in Florence, Italy. AFDS is scheduled to open its doors in February 2013.

Who is Azza Fahmy ?

Azza Fahmy is an international  jewellery designer. She has successfully transformed the concept of jewellery making from a craft to an art, and has managed to add a new dimension to the wearing of jewellery. She actually inspires the world through her jewellery.


The video will tell you more about this successful designer 😉

Azza Fahmy Design Studio (AFDS) what is it about ? 

Azza Fahmy Design Studio (AFDS) offers students and upcoming designer entrepreneurs, of all ages and nationalities, a 3-year academic program in collaboration with Alchimia, School of Contemporary Design in Italy.  Courses for part-time students are also offered to those who can’t commit to a full 3-year academic program (choice of 1 year or three months course-curriculum).

What is different about Azza Fahmy Design Studio (AFDS) ?

In addition to theoretical and studio work, students will also need to attend a ‘professional practices’ course which demonstrates how to set up a gallery and market/price their portfolio. Benefits of the program include students’ participation in renowned international exhibitions across Europe and an exclusive opportunity to attend specialized courses in Alchimia, in Florence, Italy.


What we will learn at Azza Fahmy Design Studio (AFDS) ?

Azza Fahmy Design Studio focuses on both the smithing techniques and design skills that are necessary to succeed as a designer. Students learn all aspects of jewellery making – sawing, filing, soldering, casting, forging and decorative metal techniques such as inlay, filigree and chasing, as well as the particulars of working with silver, gold and stones. Students are also required to utilize various design techniques and study the wide variety of jewellery forms open to them as a designer. Development of the creative process is highly stressed as well. A selection of top-tier international instructors has been designated in collaboration with Alchimia Design School to guarantee an internationally acknowledged course-curriculum.

Where is Azza Fahmy Design Studio (AFDS) located ?

The Azza Fahmy Design Studio is located in a beautiful Old Cairo area called  Fustat  next to renowned culture center Darb 1718*.

Do you want to know more about Azza Fahmy Design Studio (AFDS) ?

For further information regarding applications, student interviews and curriculum-based queries kindly contact: Yasmine Nagui at and/or send your queries to

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