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I had a very very long day, but all the missions are accomplished  ✌


I spent all my day from train to train 😦

Actually I had to move from where I live to Macon (3 hours by train) it was so exhausting especially that I had to come back the same day.

I never went before to this city, I was like and if I get lost, if someone kidnapped me, if…if…& if… LOL *I am convinced now, that I am paranoid.


Ladies and gentlemen this is my friend today, he was with all the time. I love you my book, I love books in general.

*BTW  The book is a lovely gift from my friend 😉

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Ah and I loved the christmas spirit their, it’s better than in where I live.


This is a video I took of all the decoration, 21 seconds 😉 *if you are interested.

Recording level -∞ LOL


I did what I had to do, I mean official paper and I came back to my home 😀