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So this is my first post of 2013 ! yeey!

First of all : Happiest New Year Everyone!  May this year brings you all happiness and endless love!

*Better late than never :p


1- Not buy anything designer until I have my own money to do it  T_T

2- To not grow any older

3- To stay young & pretty. Amen to that 😀

4- A trip back to Lannion

5- More time to ….

Read books, since I moved to France I read magazines and little books but not real books. So More time to read real books 😉

More time to blog, I have to put more effort into my blog to make it funny and interesting and funny ★

6- Show my love to my parents, brothers and friends. ♥‿♥

7- A new laptop

Because mine is dying slowly T_T

8- Become stronger…physically and mentally.

9- To  have FUN, live it up and make as many memories with as many people as possible!

10- To act my age LOL

*I am 20 years old and I still behave like a 9 years old girl LOL

11- To improve my health, my faith and my education.

12- To become less lazy

*I need luck to achieve that.

13- To try, not give up before reaching all the above 😀

I have also to say that I am very very thankful and happy for nice and helpful people around me, my friends, family and you.

*Yes you lovely readers’ blog. Thank you for all the support.