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Firstly, I would like to apologize to my readers for the lack of updates… I know I’m blaming my studies  again but it’s true, especially that the end of mt classes is on March so I have a many many exams in the week 😦

But I have good news to share with you, Al Mahfoud’s family has a new baby. My dad finally opened a very lovely store called “Lalla l’hadga” Masha’Allah.

*Proud daughter*

I love love love the store just breathtaking, my dad worked so hard 3 years before he opened it.

The last week was the inauguration and unfortunately I couldn’t make it *Crying rivers*


What Lalla l’hadga store sells ?

All the things that your kitchen, bathroom, and children room need. Yes Lalla L’Hadga is for all the family (The parents and the children).

Lalla l’Hadga’s product has ISO-14001 and ISO 18001 quality certificates in addition to the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certificate, which are considered global standards.
It means that you can make your food here :

And don’t be afraid that you will die from food poisoning.

Who is behind Lalla L’Hadga?


* ما شاء الله،  الله يحفظك ياأغلى ما أملك *

The one behind Lalla L’Hadga, is the one and only El Mokhtar Mahfoud, an entrepreneur since 1986, he worked so hard  to bring this project to the lights.

Where Lalla L’Hadga’s products are from?

All the products are exported from Turkey, Syria, France and Ukraine.


Lalla L’Hadga store provide quality, most compatible prices and the best service to it customers.

Who is Lalla L’Hadga’s stuffs?

El Mokhtar, my dad, choose a very smart and sweet crew to work with, when you will go to the store they will always greet, smile and thank you. They will be so friendly with you, you won’t feel in any case that you aren’t HOME because Lalla L’Hadga is your home 😉

اللهم اجعل هذا المحل آية رزق على أبي وعلينا و على من يعمل به وعلى من اشترى منه. الله يفظنا ويحفظكم من شر حاسد إذا حسد .ومن شر كل ذي عين

This is a video of some of the products there :  enjoy 🙂