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Valentine’s day never mattered to me, I lived in a family where I used to see love every day. So when I was living at my parent’s house valentine’s day was a normal working day.


But I moved to France…And everything change or NOT ! 😀

On the 14th february of each year, forever alone people complain about the fact that they are spending the valentine’s day alone. I always asked myself : Why they   didn’t complain before, I mean no one loved them the other 364 days of the year ?

Dear forever alone,

if you only want someone on valentine’s day to give a lovely gift, I am always here to take the gift.



Don’t you think that valentine’s day is more like an opportunity for e-boutiques to sell their ugly dresses ? *Ah! They also make you think that those dresses are in sale*

Don’t you think that instead of going to  the full restaurant on the  14th, *where everyone is talking so loud, annoying hein? * You can go on the 15th to the same restaurant but with less noise and have a lovely time.

Don’t you think that you can buy flowers and chocolate to your beloved ones in a cheap prices just after  the  huge fuss of the valentine’s day. Don’t you?

I personally love the valentine’s day just because all the chocolate are on sale, so I can buy as much as I want of chocolate but in affordable prices   😉 *Genius

I know that some people are so excieted about the valentine’s day, so I just want to tell you and regardless of all the above :  Happy valentine’s day


I hope to God your Valentine’s Day goes better than expected. 🙂