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Before I moved to France I used to sit and write a diary of my adventure,I mean my day, for the sake of my own memories but I had to keep it far from my brothers and parents 😀

Now I write my diaries on my blog for the sake of my own memories and for keeping my far ways  friends, family and haters up to date.

I would love to share with you my dream jobS 🙂


#DreamJob1 : 

I dream to be a social fashion PR job. *I think that it’s a fun and interesting job*

I would love to secure press coverage, to answer all media requests and to handle the brands public image in social media. And to do everything to spread the word about the fashion label.

I would love to take care of the relationships within the fashion blogging community, online label’s website.

#DreamJob2 : (related to my studies)

I would love to work as a LASER commercial, this work consists to make presentations about the lasers made by your company in different countries in the world  and also to assist to different conferences about Laser’s new technologies.

I really guess that it would be fun and I will learn many experiences 😉

#DreamJob3: (related to my blog) 

I would love to work as a journalist in a magazine or in a website magazine, I love writing even if I am not that good in it but I just LOVE it. I feel free when I write. *Crazy hein?!*

#DreamJob4 :

Is where I will work in the future, I don’t know if I will work in one of my dream’s job but I hope  I will work  something that I will love and wake up every day to say : Yeey !! finally the morning now I can have fun 🙂