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As a kid I used to watch Anastasia (I still do) and I’ve always loved the movie.

*The Movie was a gift from my parents to me*

Although, ever since I was a kid, the thing that impressed me the most was her tiara. I just LOVE head accessories.


When it comes to hair, I love all it accessories and especially headbands, they are just stunning and many celebreties, such as Alexa Chung and Charlize Theron wore headbands on the red carpet in innovative, irresistible ways.

So I made some research on the internet to see who makes the best headbands in the world. And I found out that Jolie tête sell so many stunning headbands.

*Jolie tête means beautiful head 😉

735091_319272594859041_518444155_nSome Jolie tête head bands that I love :

serre-tete-perle-argent_preview-big (1)Ah ! BTW I ordered this one can’t wait to have it and share, the pictures with you 😉


This one is AMAZING

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