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I am thankful for the people who believes in me :  my family and my friends *Al Hamdellah.

But what I am thankful for the most is the people who believe in me, even if they never meet me before. And one of those people is the one and only Nayrouz Abouzid.

603213_10152112735960472_1927459580_nShe always supports me and she always affirms that I have some writing skills. She is the editor in chief of Alter Ego magazine and her opinion matters a lot to me.

Nayrouz is a successful editor in chief, she took the heart of many people by her sincerity and her spontaneity. I personally love her and love how she is so supportive to many young talents.

Nayrouz is one of the people I look up to, thank you my role model Nayrouz for your support, thank you for believing in me.

I appreciate you and I will keep you in my life as long as I can. I hope that you don’t mind that 😀

Dear readers I want to invite you to read Nayrouz‘s magazine : Alter Ego magazine


I already had the chance to write an article for Alter Ego magazine check it HERE