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Hello readers,

Are you asking yourself ! where the hell this girl went ?

The hard part of my life :

I didn’t become a superwoman nor a business women, I just had a lot of exams and I had to move from a region to another one !

I actually had a hard time from the 21st of March till the 1st of April, so many things happened in once, so many emotions and so many new people. I really can’t handle all that. Especially that is still freezing here no spring this year for me 😦

I had to pack all my stuffs and install them in my new house. I had to focus on my work. *I also haven’t been inspired to blog much I guess. :p

 I wish that God will give me strength in this new phase on my life.


The fun part :

I  watched funny movies that’s not too smart and not too hard to understand. I also made pasta in many textures. I learned some new recipes. *My mom will be proud of me 😉

I am reading some books gifted by my lovely friend 🙂

Next week they are expecting here sun and lovely weather Insha’Allah.

So welcome spring ! The season of love and new beginnings!

In the meantime, dear family, friends, and random readers whoever you may be… Please feel free to email me on mmasmae@gmail.com if you wish to stay in touch, and I promise I will reply, even if I take a little while to get back to you when I’m busy.

P. S : I believe when god closes one door.. He opens up many more.