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This year is one of the most hardest years ever. It was hard financially and emotionally 😦 You know when you are desperately in need to take a break from everyone and everything. 

I really can’t wait for vacation, I mean a real vacation and all I need for it is : a sun, a beach and a good book ☀

dream vacationThe picture is taken in Jamaica by Google.

I dream of that day just me relaxing in front of this amazing view,  without hearing any other voices than the waves one. AMAZING !!

Jamaica, Seychelles, Maldives or any country where I will find beach and the sun,  will help me to relax and to clear my mind. No phone, no internet just me, the nature and my books.


Till my dream come true, I will keep going my studies and try to save money to buy a new computer because mine is dying slowly but surely.

Stay happy and bear hugs to all of you.
I am listening to “Don’t worry be happy” Bob Marley’s song to cheer me up 😉