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Hello People !

The past months made me believe of this saying :”When it rains it pours”. In different words when bad things happen, they happen all at one.

Between my exams, my relocation and my traineship I got mentally exhausted, especially that I also was broke. By  the start of April I felt like I already needed a vacation, even if the year had just started. The beginning of 2013 was so stressful!

The nice part is that I am starting a new phase in my life, new challenges, new people and new place. I am literally loving this place and loving more the people I met here. Trust me ! The bad times never stay forever, when the bad things come at once they also go at once. 

And the good things for me not necessarily come from money or career, for me it comes from the simplest things : walk with a friend, great discussion with my family, film or book*.

الحَمدلله على القناعة ♥ The simplest things make me happy


So if you’re going through a bad time right now, remember : that bad things comme all at once and fortunately they go all at once. Don’t worry be happy 😉