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Breakfast with fashion and diamonds !


Roselle and Tiffany organised a breakfast where the lovely Maha AlQattan revealed her spring/summer collection.


Nothing is better than having a healthy breakfast with some fashionistas and great collection.


When we say spring/summer collection we also say bright colors, soft fabrics and many parties/events to attend.


If you have an engagement ceremony, or a signing marriage paper ceremony this white abaya by Roselle is the perfect choice for you.


Tiffany blue piece is stunning I love the details and the cut in the dress inspired by Tiffany. (Photo credit @Latifalshamsi)


Another stunning dress with an amazing blue ring ❤ (Photo credit Nadya Hasan from the fierce diaries)


Did you know that the hardest color to design are the neutral ones, see how our Maha is talented Masha’Allah  ❤ (Photo credit The white connection)

mljybjaqeuv2w99hxa2zgkxz592hwi4oI do love every single design by Maha AlQattan from her first collection. I wish her all the best with this collection especially that I am a fan of her the bright colors and my favorite one is the white abaya❤ What peaceful piece.

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