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Since I came to France three years ago, the question I often get asked when I meet friends is :

“So how’s being in France?”.

I always just replied “It’s ok Al Hamdellah…” or “It feels the same”.

But today I decided to really sit down and think carefully about how being in France is like. And here’s what it’s like so far.

– I miss my parents and my brothers so much, I miss living at home, I miss my mom’s meals and I miss my dad’s lessons about life.

– I do NOT miss  high school, I remember the last day of classes some girls were crying and stuffs and I was like nope I’m out of all this.

High school memories : Same sh*t, Fake relationships,  Unnecessary drama  and annoying people! Ah and I am pretty sure that they will say about me I was ugly, naive and foolish *It’s true actually.

I just wasn’t me, I was someone who I don’t know …*That sounds deep WTF

But on the other hand….

– I love the way I grew up, I love  having more responsibilities and I love what I do.

– Today I have REAL friends, who taught me how to love,  to trust and to have fun again. That wonderful feeling of having someone with whom you can share your thoughts without being afraid of any judgements.

– In France I learned to be strong ,to say NO and to live my life “بالطول و بالعرض”

– I didn’t think studying abroad would change me like that. I was totally wrong.  A big Thank you goes to my parents for this opportunity.

– I take breakfast if anyone is interested. I Used to always skip breakfast but now I’m on my way to being Miss Health!

– Maybe my life today seems boring to you but it suits me (don’t be judgmental lah! )

– I am stupid but I have friends to document my stupidity and make fun of it.

snf756quc77fg439g33m0xz8yilkldu1Yeeey Happy ending !

p/s: @Glamarouane if you are reading this, you are one of the highschool people that I look forward to meet again.