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Huyam Al Hosany is the inspirational women behind Dar Al Huyam. She has been passionate by fashion since her early age; she always loved seeing her mother tailoring with her tailoring machine. Huyam got her fashion sense and her tailoring skills from her mother; she always was fascinated by how her mom has the ability to turn the fabrics to a piece of art.


When she was growing up Huyam didn’t take fashion as serious subject, she wanted to be an engineer and a teacher so she can transfer her savoir faire to the next generation. Being a working mother helped her to see life and fashion in different way. As an Emirati lady she had to wear her abaya (the local outfit) at work, gatherings and events. She tried many abaya designer but most of those abayas are either heavy, uncomfortable, too adorned or have the wrong fit.


After trying shop after shop and designer after designer she didn’t find the perfect abaya for her daily life, she decided to make her own casual abaya. The surpise is that she got complimented by her sisters, cousins and friends they even start asking her to make them the same abayas. While wearing Dar Al Huyam they feel that they could wear it all day during work hours and not even feel the slightest discomfort.


With the right support of her family and her country she made her own abaya fashion house: Dar Al Huyam. Today she is one of the very successful designers not only in UAE but also in the region; from what she needed she made a whole successful business.

Huyam Al Hosany is a mother, teacher, engineer businesswoman and fashion designer all rolled into one.


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