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Every internet user know how useful Google is !


So why I use Google :

1) I mostly use Google to stalk people, in another way I always Google people I don’t know personally.

For example : When my mom tell me about someone I don’t know, I google his name and family name and Hop! I have his picture, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn ….

2) I google phone numbers.

It’s very rare that I pick up calls from private numbers or numbers I don’t recognise; I usually google the latter.

3) I google things.

I’m one of those people that if I don’t know about something I will google it until I figure out every little detail about the thing.

4) I google when I feel sick.

This one is not acquired, because every time I google my symptoms I immediately feel the need to call an ambulance. Every time is AIDS or cancer.

5) I google definitions.

I Google definitions of words that I vaguely know the meaning. word choice can be so specific.

6) I Google weird things.

I google the weirdest things when I’m bored.


 7) I google almost every question that pops up in my mind.
So what do uGoogle ?