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I’ve never really talked about this before.

I am actually very addicted to my cousin Mariyam,  you know everyone has that favorite cousin but I am lucky enough to have more than that to have my Mariyam.

We are  each other’s soulmate/best friend/cousin/closest friend/bridesmaid/maid of honor/travel buddy/sister/world/universe…

*Dear future hubby Addiction will absolutely be my bridesmaid because no one love and know me as much as she does,  her and I will plan together every wedding detail.

We are so close first of all because our parents are so close to each others,  we also grew up in the same way ! and most of all we see in the same direction. Beyond that, Addiction and I have  many many common points :

First of all both of us are  damn gossipy, in family events,  you will see us in the corner gossiping about everyone and everything :D.

Secondly, both of us know how to do our nails, Lah ! Just kidding, actually both of us suck into nails’ polishing. So girly isn’t it?!

Thirdly we have the same fashion sense,  both of us has that love of the simplest things.

*We love classy, elegant and modest outfits. (we aren’t bling bling at all)

*We also believe that Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.

*We hate high heals.

Fourthly, We always think each other’s jokes are the best while others have to tickle themselves to giggle a little. And we always think each other’s remarks are the smartest. Yeah ! Addiction laugh at my silly-lame jokes.

Fifthly, We agree on everything each other say and admire each other’s ideas, thoughts, looks, outfits, and jokes and everything.

9665039640_80ff9b21c5I guess if I tell you all the common points between addiction and I, I’ll need more than a blog post.

Mariyam you are more than a cousin-sister-friend, you are my addiction. Insha’Allah the life will bring us closer to each others.

While writing this I found out that I miss you more than I imagined.