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Since I moved to France my french friends buy me gifts in the christmas period and I love that.

*Any reason is good to have/give gifts! so let your “you are muslim and you should not celebrate it” to yourself 😀

#1 Like every year books are on my top list, I am a bookaholic

HRH SH Mohammed’s books : My vision and flashes of thought. I die to read those books

Everybody is saying that the book I am Malala is an amazing and very inspiring book.

And last and not least I want to read : sleeping with the enemy by Hal Vaughan about Coco Chanel.

3xtd8c7vnfzk9v6s4bokwyfjnjintbt2#2 The Samsung galaxy note 3


#3 to graduate with honors please god make it possible

woman praying silhoutte#4 To finish all the levels of candy crush


I will do it on my Galaxy Gear watch when I will get the samsung Galaxy Hahahaha

#5 To get more and more readers !

You just have to share the link of my blog mynameisasmae.wordpress.com to help me reach my dream 😀

#6 To not get any older just like Salma Hayek

salma then and now

#7 To forget all the heartful moments






#100 The most important thing I want is to be happy and since the things above will make me happy…..(Think of it :D)


P.S : This list goes  to my parents and to all the generous human beings out there.


E-mail me your wish-list and I will publish it on the blog : mmasmae@gmail.com