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Hello ! I am still alive LOL

I feel disconnected from the blogging world. I have been so busy with work and life recently hence the lack of updates. 

Since I am sleepless,


Here’s a typical day in my life :

1. Wake up looking like shit nothing.

2. Get dressed, drink apple juice, go to school blah blah.


3.  Stay at school for the next billion hours or so.


4.  Look like a zombie.

*No illustration here for your moral safety*

5. Go home to eat.


6. Finally go to sleep in preparation for a new day of equal excitement.

The ironic part is that I am loving to be busy, I am loving the new challenges …I am loving my new life.


 ♥ اللهم أني استودعك شؤون حياتي ♥

اللھم يا جامع الغيم في السماء ; إجمع بيني وبين فرحي ، و سعادتي ، و توفيقي ، و من إحب ، و كل إمر تعلم انه خيراً لي إنك على كل شيء قدير