I was watching  one of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s old interviews with Ellen Degeneres and she mentioned that she already bought three rings so her boyfriend won’t buy an ugly ring to propose. She also said that she prefers that her boyfriend proposes her at the Tiffany’s so she can choose her ring by herself. Ellen seemed so surprised hearing this…

But I so agree with Jennifer Love Hewitt, Imagine yourself wearing an ugly ring all your life.



*Let’s face it even Lady Gaga will refuse this ring.

Ladies, If any guy buys you this ring to propose, just say NO. Remember you are supposed to wear it your whole life unless you have other plans 😉

I am the kind of persons who doesn’t really like surprises, I like to planify everything and to know every detail. My birthday gifts are always choosen by me, I actually make a list of what I want. I just don’t like to get useless and ugly gifts. I am such a selfish spoiled daughter 😀

I hate surprises please don’t ever surprise me with gifts or anything because no matter what it is I will hate it I’m sorry!