22 things about being 22


1) The best thing about it; is I am less stupid than I was at 21st year old.

2) I feel so productive

3) I feel happier

4) The countdown began for many upcoming happy events InshAllah 😉

5) I feel talented.

6) I have more responsibilities than before

7) I am more tolerant, I mean I don’t judge people anymore (unless they are celebrities of course 😀 )

8) I find reality tv shows very silly.

9) I like to cook and to clean my house (When I was in Morocco, I have never done any of the house cleaning)

10) I take care more of my body because I know that I am not getting any younger.

11) I don’t expect anything from anyone, I don’t really care if anyone calls me or not.

This rule includes family, friends and acquaintances : If you call me, I will answer if not I won’t even think about you.

12) I don’t care about what people do, I also don’t feel the need to share my life with them.

13) Tuning 22 is magical because you know who are your real friends, the one who will be there for you no matter what.

14) I feel old

15) My mom asks me for advises about life issues

16) I am so moody –I have always been so moody.

17)  My family are getting weird about me getting married.

18) I appreciate more the little things in my life.

20) I figured out that my brothers love me more than anything

21) I have many years to reach my goals. Insha’Allah

22) I am probably more confident about who I am today. AlHamdellah