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Not Dolce Gabbana’s perfume …

My dad always asks me, how I imagine my husband?! I always answer rich and that’s always annoys him.


*My parents never appreciate the people who get married for money or status.

Women never know what they want and I am not an exception, but I guess I am looking for someone who will be proud to be with me.

Yeah, that may seem crazy but It’s very important to me that the one with whom I will be spending the rest of my life with, has to be :

  • Proud to love me.
  • Proud to sit with in public events.
  • Proud of me being his wife.
  • Proud of my beauty.
  • Proud of my craziness.
  • Proud of my stupidity
  • Proud that I sacrifice many things for him.
  • Proud to hold hand with me in public. (yes because not all the couples hold hands in public)
  • Proud to present me to his best friends.
  • And mostly proud to love me the way I am.


Any men can do it, I mean he has just to truly love me. I guess