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In our lives we meet many people that we call or called friends.

49b7536e-05b9-45e7-969e-b362cab9f1dd-sophie_computerSo I am going to talk about the types of friends I got in my life.

Childhood friends

You meet them at school, or you know them because your parents know each other.

Childhood friends are the best, they love you because you play with them, because you have fun with them. They do idiot thing with you, without boundaries.

Unfortunately, we all grow up and our way of thinking changes and by growing up we lose many things including friends.

Highschool friends

My cousin once told me :’ Highschool friends are the ones who will disappoint you the most”

I don’t say that they have ugly personalities or they are evils, not at all. Highschool is the starts of your future, the start of what you are going to do in your whole life. So everyone was focusing on achieving their dreams even if by that we/they may loose many good friendship.

Highschool friends make you stronger and make you look to people differently.

University friends

They will always be there for you, you always can count on them. They don’t want to lose you, they will always try their best to help you and to entertain you.

Fun friends

You go out with them, you have fun with them but you never count on them. They will not be here if you are depressed, poor, ugly or sick.

They will always disappoint you.

Candy crush  friends : (this one is just for fun

They are the providers of your lives, they also afford you tickets.

How amazing is that 😀


I don’t have a lots of friends, but I always keep the one I have very close.