That’s a really long title.

1) If you met him two hours ago and you are already talking about marriage, wedding and children. *Because let’s face it I guess the Arab girls are never afraid  to talk about marriage.

Marriage is the easiest subject in our society, we talk more about marriages than education.

2) Because you are jealous of his friends, friends of his friends, his employees, his parents, his aunt, his third cousin and his grandma’s sister.

Jealousy can kill everything and guys hate jealous and possessive girls.

3) Excessive complaining, yes guys hate the girls who complains about the weather, the TV color, the meals, the life, the color of the birds in the sky…

If you complain a lot, trust me he won’t put a ring on it.

4) If you are a materialistic person

If you think that he will finance everything forget about marriage. I mean guys have a detector of materialistic girls don’t think by letting him paying for everything that he will appreciate it.

Don’t let him pay for everything, respect is priceless.

5)  If you have a relationship before…

To get married, you must not have a relationship before him, “بنت عائلة يعني”

6) Not knowing to cook is a disaster for man

You have to know to cook, because sooner or later man will expect you to cook for him.


And by cooking I don’t mean food that come from a  package that you nuke in the microwave, cut open and dump on the plate.

If you avoid all the reasons above you will absolutely get married and live happily ever after, just like snow white 😀