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If you are working you will absolutely know that stress is your friend. I will tell you some steps to help you be more relaxed, more productive and mainly more focused.

  • To wake up early :

Yes, waking up early can help you to avoid to be late and to rush everywhere and get stressed.

  • To do list :


Making a list will help you not to forget, it will also help you to take care gently of each of your tasks.

  • To disconnect :

Taking five minutes  to be alone with your thoughts, ideas and plans, is very important for you to get those ideas outside your head.

  • To clean :

My dad always told me if your desk is messy that only means one thing : In your head there is also a huge mess. Throw away all the unnecessary stuffs : the pens that aren’t working anymore….A well organised desk will help you to think.

The less you have the free you are…

  • To take the time :

Taking the time to look, listen and seek will help you to pay attention to what is important. To focus on your project and to forget the people around with all their positive/negative attitude and behaviour.

  • To learn :


If you are a beginner I guess you have to tell yourself, I am afraid but I can learn it, I will make mistakes but it’s very helpful to learn, and it’s quite normal to be imperfect.

And you won’t be a beginner at it forever.

  • To  love :


When you choose to work somewhere you don’t have to choose to work their just for the money or the fame.

Choose what you love and by choosing to do what you love you make the most important decision you  will ever make in your whole life.

“You are your choices.” – Seneca