When people love you they expect you to do everything perfectly…

good qualities often come with bad qualities as well.

The moment you accept this, the moment you will live happily ever after.

After all no one is perfect not even YOU. I mean don’t expect that people will fulfill your high standards.

1) Your girlfriend will never wake up like this…


but mostly like that 😀


2) Your girlfriend won’t take care of the house 24/24h


Because let’s face it cleaning isn’t the funniest thing on earth :/

3) Your girlfriend won’t plan all your weekends and your holiday and you will just there.


4) Your girlfriend won’t feel/act happy while you are playing all day long VideoGames


 Dudes be wanting a girl who plays video games, watch sports, have tattoos & wears Jordan’s. Sounds like you want a boyfriend.
If you prefer to watch “breaking bad”, ‘game of thrones”…than going out with her : You already LOST her.
5) Your girlfriend won’t act happy even if you don’t call/send messages or even don’t surprise her and come to see her when she doesn’t expect it.
If you expect one of the things above trust me you will lose your girlfriend and you may try your best to make her change her mind & stay with you because you loved her with all your heart and didn’t want to lose her but everything just won’t work out.
Because when a door is closed ……………It’s really closed.
Unless you accept that :

good qualities often come with bad qualities as well.