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With every sunglass you purchase, Warby Parker  will help a person in need

Thanks to Warby Parker and it clients one million people in need can wear a pair of eyeglasses.

The full story HERE : Buy a pair Give a pair

We all love fashion and we all love try to help the people in need but combining the two in one is a way much funnier.

You know I am the kind of persons who wear eyeglasses but really hate them. I always thought that eyeglasses are meant to be worn only at home where nobody can see.  But, the limited edition collection of Warby Parker  really changed my mind. The frames are light the designs are sexy and elegant.


Jeans, Stella McCartney sweater, MK handbag and the amazing frames by Warby Parker 


Gucci Shoes, Olive shirt and white shorts, sweets *yummy* and the sexy frames by Warby Parker


Blue dress, LV bag, blue engagement ring and elegant frames from Warby Parker and people will think that you are a royal 😉 


Woman by Common Projects brown sandals, white dress by Carven, frames from Warby Parker and it’s cupcake time with your BFFs.


Office time with Vectoria Becham shirt & pants, C.Louboutin shoes, Ralph Lauren bag and the light frames by Warby Parker 


Denim shirt, skirt, Valentino shoes (color block) and Warby Parker  classy frames


This collection is named the Corner and you will find them on www.warbyparker.com/corner
and in stores and showrooms. Starting at $95

And you got it I am in love with the shapes, the noble materials and the designs. (Absolutely in my wishlist, especially that I broke my ugly eyewear shhh don’t tell anyone)

We didn’t forget color, either. Two new hues,Rhubarb and Quartz, round out an intense palette of autumnal and icy shades, terrific for indoorsy cozytimes and leaf-crunching rambles alike. (Even when the temps rise again, they’re still good to go.)